Nicki Minaj - "Roman Holiday" (2012 Grammy Performance)

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Nicki Minaj courted controversy with this Grammy performance, putting on a show with her track "Roman Holiday," one that included a great deal of religions imagery.
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I hope this takes her down a few notches in her career,because I don't respect her as an artist, I think her rapping is whack,her singing is horrible and her acting is too over the top and feel as is she tries way too hard, she's on the cover of every magazine and featured in every song, and I don't get why, she should stick to one thing and do it as best she could.... and as far as this perfomance , it was weak , and a total obvious bash at catholisism...I'm catholic, always have been , and never had I heard of trying to exorcise the gay out of someone, I feel as if the catholic church has a bad rep and the media uses that to its full advantage , I don't understand HOW ITS OK TO BASH MY RELIGION ON PUBLIC TELVISION, BUT RELIGION AND GOD HAVE NO PLACE ON TELEVISION,IN POLITICS, AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS ! I am no advocate to this whole end of the world prophecy but with shit like this being aloud...I wonder


THIS IS AWFUL. The Grammys board definitely should have edited this performance. I am a Christian and I have to say I am disgraced by this awful, ridiculous, and dumb idea of a show. This girl is crazy!
Take a pill Nicki cuz this ain't it.....


The performance was inappropriate given the circumstances. If thboard of the grammys cared they would have revised minaj's performance.


She's certainly not Lady Gaga. LG has far more class than Minaj. The writing is.on the wall. And the vidio. Best to quit while the getting good.


Nikki Minaj is always over the top but I love her n respect her for who she is she means no harm to anyone

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