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Nicki Minaj endorses Mitt Romney in this verse. Listen to her rap the reason why not.

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It doesn't surprise me - she is successful and makes a lot of money, but doesn't like to see her hard-earned money wasted like Obama has been doing. Obama has been one of the worst presidents in American history.


i loove her crazy outfits and she is a pretty girl with all that make-up. It doesn't matter about the outside it matters about whats on the inside


Hey ana take your head out of your butt and wake up. the Bush administration caused 90% of the problems that are happening now and I can see that as a canadian. Obama is not perfect, but the republicans have made a distinct point of refusing to even meet in the middle to make things better. and you have morons like palin, bachman,perry, santorum, and cain to add to the retardedness (means slowing things down, or to hold back) and Nicki being an immigrant (Mitt wants you to send yourself back to your country) had abortions (Mitt thinks she's going straight to hell for that, he's mormon) but he would like her because she does the one thing he likes.... Make Money. You must be in the same "job creator position" that they are, or just sadly ignorant.....


HHHHHHmmmmmmm....shes had a abortions, she openly gay, and a immigrant from Trinidad . I could see why shes a republican.


Nicki is fucked but she is cute her vote doesn't count I like Obama he is at least a better president it suits him not like goof George W Bush I am talking about the son the idiot one so basically you know I know everyone knows Obama is re-elected already. Whoever they want to be the president will be the president? think about that


She needs to keep her rapping to rapping, or else people won't like her music. We like it cause it's fun! Not she's going into Mitt Romney & stuff, Nicki Stop!!


Nicki Minaj also raps about being an immigrant, saying she came from Trinidad on "a temporary visa." where is the proof of her citizenship? Only citizens of the United States of America have the right to vote. Nicki show us proof!


hey, at least what she's saying is true..


Well, the girl has no musical talent, so she may as well jump into politics. All the rest of the untalented folks are!!!

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