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Watch this awesome video of a TV news anchor going off on a viewer who bullied her on email over her weight.

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amanda may GOD bless you and your family. <3 my heart goes out to u jesus loves u i hope your happy wherever u are one way or another these people will regret it. what goes aroung come back around.


People wonder why little kids have eating disorders and are on diets despite being about the size and shape that little kids should be... Even if someone is overweight, how is that wrong in any way? I think she's a great role-model because with all of the horrible adds out there about "getting rid of ugly fat" people need to see what real people look like and that this beautiful woman doesn't lose any beauty because of her weight.


You people are joking right? -He doesn't even watch her morning news show
-He went OUT OF HIS WAY to offend her
-Who the hell is HE anyway to say that?
-IM SURE SHE GOT THE NEWSLETTER>shes fat! SHOCKER...She lives in her body every day, I think she's aware of her "physical condition" That man had no class in going out of his way to hurt another person like that. Yea, he can if he wants, but why would anyone side with someone so mean spirited. Oh, I guess you people do.


I love how she left out the whole point of that guys email and it turned it into a bullying issue.
I see fat people, guess i should be fat to. Monkey see money do right?


Since when is telling the truth bullying? A nation of pansies I tell ya. Boo freakin hoo. Grow up!

@ HypoFinder

Oh, shut up. That guy's a douche. Claiming she's a bad role model is not the truth and it's ridiculous. She's just acknowledging that words can hurt people or children and she's trying to teach people not to be "pansies". If I called you a moron, HypoFinder, that would be the truth. But, I'm sure you won't let it effect you. ;-)


I am SOO glad this woman stood up to that bully and gave him what for! I am also tired of bullies hiding behind their computer screens all over the internet tormenting people they don't even know. I was so happy to see this and know that there are people brave enough like this woman to stand up and say something about it! God Bless you!!!


......and this behavior is learned. HELLO JENNIFER, are you listening? As you indicate, you are a parent, who is teaching her children....question is, besides tolerance, what are you teaching them??????

@ Scott

She is teaching them to look at who people are, not what their skin or body looks like. She's teaching them to be proud of their actions versus their looks. She's teaching them to ignore ignorant people who aren't intelligent enough to look past a person's size to judge someone. She's teaching them to speak up. She's teaching them to love someone even though that person may not be perfect, because, after all, no one is perfect-- not even you.

@ Scott

She is teaching her girls and the girls that listen that their self worth is more than what appears on the outside. She is teaching them that it is the inside of the person that counts and that tolerance of all people is required to stop the damage that bullying creates. Why....what are you teaching?


You go girl!!! I think the part that got me the most in the email was that it was a 'choice' to be over weight.
Thanks for the words on bullying, all true.
What a beautiful and eloquent woman.
Bullies beware, you are being exposed.

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