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Wanna see Robert Pattinson shirtless? How about Kristen Stewart running to embrace him? Watch this video. (You're welcome, ladies.)

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Taylor look like normal guy... Boring!!


Robert is hot and so beutiful!! I want Robert myself. But I don't his worth.. But I still love him


taylor is a hoty have you sen his pictures they are hot like totolly LOVE...............................ALIYAH ALEXANDRA PRINCE


mhmm tired i dnt no wat is this..


i wish i was Kristen! Lucky duck lol He is so hot, but i must admit, i do now think Taylor is hotter!!! xx


i'm a married woman, i'm a married woman, i'm a married it looks breath taking!just hope it fits in with the story well. oh well if it doesnt at least we all get a good old look @ mr pattinson ;0


WOW! That was totally hot...I can't wait for the movie, it's gonna be great!! Thanks for the great pix!


WOW! That was totally hot...I can't wait for the movie, it's gonna be great!! Thanks for the great pix!

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