Nancy Grace Speculates on Whitney Houston Death

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In this interview with CNN, Nancy Grace actually asks, based on no evidence at all: who pushed Whitney Houston into the bathtub?
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Gay or not, a guy would have to be deaf and blind not to know she had a fantastic voice and inquue singing style, and a stunning beauty as well. I truly loved who she was on stage.


Well we all should give thanks to nancy grace for bringing this up because no one would have thought to bring this up an we all hope that wasnt the cause of her death (murder). well im wondering! who would haue wanted to murder such a wonderful legend ? only a jealous hatred ass hole would have wanted to do that !


I hope that nancy's sardonic tendency hasn't impaired her perception as her experiences seem to signify worldly awareness which portends accuracy, yet I doubt that she designated cause of these effects being unnatural chemical exposure absorptions' stress depleting nutrients, pain requiring anesthesia; beware blaming victims--especially when we benefit from their exposure like whitney houston's talent irradiated by electromagnetics.

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