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Nancy Grace appears here on The View and continues to suck as a human being. She talks down to the women regarding her comments on Whitney Houston.

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I agree with all posters here.... someone should push this author down in the tub.


You are the worst journalist!! Nancy has a heart of gold and she just wants to know the truth about Whitney's death. If something happened to someone I loved I would want her to investigate because she will find out the truth. You are so biased in your writing and I will never be visiting this site again.


You know, the most likely cause of death here will be something no one can prove. Alcohol is a cardiotoxin and combined with all the benzodiazepines Whitney was taking, it's likely she had a cardiac arrhythmia and was dead before she hit the water. There is no real way to prove this during an autopsy, but if alcoholic changes in the heart, alcohol levels in the blood, and drug levels from the benzos are high enough, it's the most likely scenario. No one gets so sleepy they drown when they were up and talking to people a few hours ago. Drowning will wake you up. And tip toeing around what killed Whitney because it might offend her family is stupid. It's a tragedy what happened, and maybe we should learn from it.


What's the issue here? The women on the view need to back off! Nancy was doing her job, maybe a little insensitive, but like we all saw she was asked a question and answered it as her JOB!!!!


This is an obvious case of you can't handle the truth, people.. Nancy was asked a direct question, and she answered it directly and concisely. is it her fault that ditsy women can't handle the answer? I mean really, when a woman the age that whitney was dies, it's only natural to ask questions. Geez ppl are stupid!


Nancy grace said nothing wrong she was asked a direct question & she gave a direct answer.... she's right all sources need to be investigated & that was all her intentions were. People just leave her alone she's just doing her job!


Nancy Grace said nothing wrong she only voiced an opinion. It is possible that someone pushed her down in the tub.


this article just sounds like you're just a hater!! this website needs an actual journalist reporter not someone like you

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