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Nadya Suleman on the Today Show April 5, 2012. She talks about goin' on welfare and being all ashamed.
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Why is it okay in your eyes? Because it's socially acceptable? How about thinking independently for once?! People should put the focus where it really belongs, creating jobs, feeding the hungry, this insatiable need for war. Why focus your attention on one person when there's millions of people who are on foodstamps and collecting cars, cash and housing from welfare while other people who do have jobs are barely making ends meet. Seems like these thousands of people who have that much time on their hands and that much hate, needs to focus their energy on making a positive difference in our towns, states, country or world, then harassing someone who is deciding to live her life the way she wants. Ok, I'm done ranting.


As for her setting an example for her children, what example do you think she is setting? The fact that she is not beyond asking for help when in need or that fact that she'll do anything to make sure her family has what it needs? You say to me, "Oh well, but she's doing PORN!" And? If you have ever had sex with your husband and made a home movie, it's porn. If your a stay at home mom and your husband is the bread winner, you have sex with him and your bills and mortgage are paid, PROSTITUTION (The exchange of sexual favors for goods)!Do you think your husband would still be there if you were having sex with him? Nope, he would have moved on to the next one. Is that the example you want to set for YOUR daughters, it's okay to have sex with a man because he pays for the bills and feeds you and a piece of paper calls it legal, or it's okay for your sons to require sex from his wife because he pays her bills?


because they got pregnant the all-natural way at a club, bar, party while using welfare money and having unprotected sex. Possibly contracting HIV or some other disease to pass on to their child all while still getting high and drinking while pregnant. Then leaving their children with their grandparents to raise them because they didn't want the kids to begin with. People want this woman's children taken away when there are already hundreds of thousand of children in foster care without homes in every state. There are parents who blow weed/crack/meth in their children face, put alcohol in their bottle, sell their children to drug dealers or allow their boyfriends to rape their children and no one does anything about it. But because this woman decided she couldn't kill her children, people feel the need to jump on her case because she is 1 of the few with more children then the norm, who is in the public eye.


This woman is irresponsible, somebody should have done her with the cat, what an example does she give to her children?


I love Matt Lauer, he is such a good person and a respectable journalist. I am glad he brought the attention back to Nadya in a responsible way. It seems like life is difficult for her and the kids. They should be helped. Not by taking the kids away but by giving a hand to her. She might be a little ditzy but it doesn't seem like she is a bad person and she loves her children. There are horrible parents out there, drug addicts, sex addicts, abusers etc etc. She is much better than most.

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