Mother of Autistic Child Receives Shocking Hate Letter

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A family in Canada is outraged after receiving a hate-filled letter that says the family should "euthanize" their autistic son.

You know you rock. As does your son. Forget the ignorant. As the are too blind to see true goodness in anyone or anything. They just jelious of your happiness !!!


Your son deserves the best of everything! Mean people suck. But Karma has a way of stinging right back! This person may have children but someday they will have grandchildren also and God doesn't sleep. Wouldn't it be something if their grandchild is born not so perfect.


It is truly amazing to me how cowardly evil is when it lurks in the soulless individuals who hide behind anonymous letters. Love your son dear sweet woman and ignore the ignorance and arrogance of this letter writer. The author is an ugly person to have written such a contemptible, hateful arrow aimed at your family. Do not allow it to penetrate. Hold your head up high, do not allow this to control your minds or cause a breach in your family. May God bless you and be with you always.

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