Mom Shames Twerking Daughter in Public

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A mom shames her Twerking daughter in public after her display at the school dance.
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I think the mom did a fine job hell I would have grounded her aswell, twerking honestly is something that I find is rather stupid, here let me be a stripper for you cause ya know that is where my life will end up. I find the mother did a FINE! job


I think it's Perfectly fine. It shows she cares about her daughter and the way she lets people think of her. Not alot of parents care what their children do! She obviously does!!!!! You go girl!


I'd so the same if not more. Nothing about twerking should be considered acceptable behavior! Go mom for setting the parental standard! (Glad it didn't have to be me!)


Good, an 11 year old girl should def not be doing any kind of sexy or kinky kind of dancing. When i was 11 the only thing kids did at a school dance was flirt, hang in the corners with other friends or just not even go.. Idk what's good with kids these days but they either need too be spanked more or be put through the same amount of humility the parents have too go through. Good for three mother and shame on that little girl

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