Mom Arrested for Nude Snapchats with 14 Year Old Daughter

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A mom was arrested in November after topless photos in which she and her 14 year old daughter both appeared circulated around the teenager's high school.

fucked up american law system!!! so to be a gay and adopt the children is ok!!!??? but to snap one picture with her own daughter she faces jail!!!! how fucked up is that!!!

@ ila

Ila I'm sorry but what you're saying is ridiculous. There are children who are out there that need loving parents. Gay people can't have children but want them! It's perfect. If you say that marriage is all about being fertile and being able to have kids, then women and men who are infertile cannot marry. It doesn't make sense and is not fair. I think that what is happening to this woman though is also unfair. It was her daughter that took the photo not her and her daughter should have some type of punishment. She was 13 and knew what she was doing and what could happen. Also remember that this picture is considered child pornography. The daughter in the picture was 14 and underage. It was illegal for sister to take that picture and send it to people.

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