Mitt Romney on Obama's Uncle

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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said he would deport Barack Obama's uncle, who is said to be an illegal immigrant.
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The Problem as it stands now is this Country is in the Buisness of protecting Illegals. Where else can you get cheap Labor? The biggest problem Romney has is understand that there are SO many disfunction people that have very little. The "Have nots" out number the "Haves" and if Obama is elected again we will continue to support " Taxes" the Have nots! OBAMA may raise Taxes on us all but how is this going to create Jobs? Long term Jobs? Obama is nothing more than a " Smoke N Mirrors" act! He does not have a CLUE as to what he is doing. The Liberals will absolutely Cripple this Country to the point where we will have the 1st 21st Century Depression. If he is elected again people with Money will sit on it and wait 4 Years until he is "Forever" out and Businesses will close up all around you and then there will be more unemployed people to take care of! WAKE UP AMERICA! This is not the Change we Wanted!

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