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A secretly filmed video has emerged showing Mitt Romney disparaging Barack Obama voters at a private donor dinner. Listen to it now.

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For those of you who don't believe what was being said, all I can say is you're IDIOTS! This is what is exactly the problem with this country! The 47+% of entitlement voters depend on the diminishing slight majority to have their needs met through government pay out programs funded by the working American's tax dollars. The mentality of the increasing minority is I deserve it (entitlement) and you need to provide it because I'm too lazy to do it myself! Sooner than later you are going to run out of other tax payers money and then what? Protests, civil unrest and riots. A continuation of the entitlement mentality that if I don't get it I'll take it because I (somehow) deserve it. Admit that Obama was the wrong choice from the start and move on!


........glad he lost.


No can I get this video what him opening his pie hole on facebook


God help this country if O Mitt Romney get even 1 vote . You cannot believe him if he said good morning .
He is a bucket of ..well you know. Not getting my vote .


Any way he totals it up, he isn't getting my vote. He's Outragious!!!


That means, for all Mitt followers, you are to believe half the people you know are on the dole. That isn't that case for me. Out of everyone I know, about 5% have taken benefits, or are taking benefits. This includes unemployment, social security, and disability. I know of one person who is on welfare. Nice choice of words/stats Mitt. Some of you may say, he is talking about "certain groups" of Americans (meaning minorities which makes his statement racist and even worse), minorities are still the minority in this country, not making up 50%. Take a look at all your friends and start counting the number on the dole, according to Mitt, it should be about half of them. Whaaaat? More than half of your friends are hardworking, tax paying citizens? Mitt, where did you get these figures?

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