Mitt Romney: I'm Not Concered About the Very Poor

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Mitt Romney is in damage control mode after a comment he made about not being concerned about America's poorest people. He said this pretty much verbatim.
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Read between the lines, people! He is actually saying he wants to help everyone in general (except the rich, really), but his focus is on the middle income - the people who have been ignored over and over again. Every candidate tries to gain favor by saying they will help the poor. But the middle class supports this country and is constantly being penalized. Don't be the dumb American cattle that the media wants you to be! The president is a human being, just like you and me. He is at the mercy of the English language to convey the things he finds important. It is up to us to actually hear him!


This man is a joke..he pretty much ruined himself with thosr comments..way to go jackass!!! He is not smart at all an im doing whatever it takes to kick him out an keep obama

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