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Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have a sex tape. Wow. Just wow.

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Stevie J, Mimi Faust

Stevie J and Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are not on the best of terms anymore.

Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Talk Sex Tape

Mimi and Nikko talk about their sex tape. They don't seem shy about discussing their favorite scenes.

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<div style="text-align:center;"><iframe height="425" width="630" src="//[autoplay]=1"></script><br /><a href="">Mimi Sex Tape with Nikko Smith</a></div>

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Girl dat a dam shame how u kept suckin dat nigga dick da whole time u was on da sextape u should have got tied suckin for hour u sick but everyone got their our thing they good at but u dnt kno how to suck dick but I dnt knock u for doin u just learn how to fuck Betta then dat get ur sex game up but he PACkin tho I see y u love him


Bitch u a nasty hoe and 1 more thing shave your pussy hoe


dont she realize dat ha ass got a daughter n dat niko iz jus using ha ass fo attention also i dare ha to call josliene a hoe cuz if she do she better snap back n reality n look wut she doin on dat tape bitch by n another joselien got ya nigga got his ass n check i dont care wut noboddi say dat shit iz real ameutuer tf get ur lyfe mii mii n she already got sum titles frum mostly everybody it is slut bitch tryfln bopper n everything else dat is mature fo dis sittuation peace out (southside all day atl) <3


Yess well my hat is off to mimi an niko now im not the one to say what a grown a grown Azz person of her calibration with niko I think its the bom damm I thin that everyone just hateing kn them because mimi is a beautiful black sharp entrepreneur and so is nikko ha,ha keep it pushing mimi next that what u say mimi gurl gett your money gurl laugh all the way to get your vivid check ha ha im team mimi and nikko damm nikko your bird is a eagle my hat off to u wow there are so many men wish they were packing like u mr nikko ma hats off to my mimi an your nikko keep laughinq all the way to the bAnk goooo mimi can I be the president of your fan club go team mimi and u to nikki I no alot of men wish they was ths president of ykur fan club your fan for life go cash that check a.t.l. is the hottest man hotties

@ vivkie bailey

That is a nasty bitch, she has no respect for herself. That's what you call a hoe fucking niggas on tape so the whole world can see. You do that shit in the privacy of your home if you not a hoe. Nasty pig


Handle yo business Mimi. Joselyn jus mad she didn't think of it first.

@ Vikki

No joselyn carry her self lady like not a slut. That bitch need to be shot in her pussy fucking on camera with a child


I'm not mad at Mimi she have a life to so how is the baby going to feel when she see her dad in a sex tape he did with eve or stevie j turned a hoe into a wife Mimi keep doing your thing and forget about people saying u trying to get attention if Nikko make u happy so b it




is mimi that desprate for attention that she just dont care her daughter could just lool this up one day or her friends. How selfish

@ adrinne

Is it worth losing your daughter, Mimi?Are you in it for the Benjamin's? When is Nikko going to make an honest woman out of you. You have really shown him how much you love him. You put him first over your daughter. Or is it just lust and The Benjamin's? Stevie is going to take you through hell and try and take your baby girl. Good Luck and GOD speed.

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