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Milyn Jensen claims to have broken up Jelena. She says she slept with Justin Bieber in December 2012.

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1.i love justin very much
2.i listen it's all songs
3.around the world his song i like very much
4.i saw 1 dream only to meet with justin bieber's all sngs are very nice and i hope he sing more songs in more good voice and more perfectly I LIKE HIM ONLY VERY MUCH


esta muy tuani bien cool


AVDXZSAHazAHdszhgZQaglaHQ;zuyqtgg';klrewlfiewqwldw di syd


Who is Milyn? Justin look like a teenage girl. Selena is an adorable girl i have no idea what she sees in Justin. Besides being his Best girlfriend { BFF}where they talk about Girly stuff.👭👯

@ Megan+B

Selena isn't cute. She's a chipmunk look a like with yellow teeth who sleeps her way to the top. The top being Justin Bieber. She's so lucky to have gone out with him, he increased her popularity by millions. As for Justin being a girl, that joke is old. Stop living in 2009 and notice he isn't a little boy anymore.


Justin n Selena get back 2gether again, Quit bein friends wit Lil Twist n Za, Bcome Straight Edge Pop & Grown Up like a Hearthrob Man.

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