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Miley Cyrus has released the music video for "Wrecking Ball." She's very much naked in it. Check it out here!

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ok, so u can't deny she is talented. she can sing. But can this gurl put some pants on? & why is she always licking & sticking out her tounge...ewwwww!!! when she finally figures out that her musical ability is enuf, & we don't need 2 c her scrawny ass in underwear, she'll be doin alright. i just hope she has some fans left by then.


Miley has a lot of talent and I really like the song. I think she's still trying to fight that "good girl" image which she got on Disney, however I think she's going about it the wrong way. While I am a red-blooded male, and have never turned down the chance to see a beautiful woman naked, I don't think it needs to be in a video such as this. The song has very powerful lyrics if you listen to the words. I think the nudity detracts from the power of the song. Good job on the song Miley, but I would encourage you to find a different way of expressing yourself in a video other than the nudity. Respect yourself and your craft... the rest will take care of itself.


This is a so so video and a mediocre song at best. Let it stand on its own merits,and there is not much to find.


If people would start giving this girl some credit maybe she would keep her clothes on ! Her Video was not that bad i did not care for the song but she is an interesting person aint she though


I think the song is great, her voice sounds good in the song, and the lyrics are great. But, the nudity was not needed. She should show her talent and not have to show her body in this way! Thought it was good enough with her cloths on, and the licking of the weights too much too! Show your talent not your birthday suite!


I think Miley has a lot of talent. The only thing I can't understand these days is why do so many of the female artists have to be naked or almost naked. It makes me think that the only way they think people will watch them is if they are nude. I would much rather be viewed for my talent than my ass or boobs. Where will they go next. Sex on screen?


Why tan the breasts?
Not everybody likes that.
I don't like tanned breasts.
I am sure i am not alone.
Even better... i know i am not alone.


Once again I don't understand the video. Just like her other one with the teddy bears and twerking. She seems to try really hard for attention when she says she doesn't care.


Let the hating comments begin at the end of the day Miley doesn't care what haters say.


Im usually one of the first to defend Miley but this video is just all sorts of strange. If your gonna get that close with a camera make sure your make up doesn't look absolutely terrible! Whats with the licking of a hammer? If your gonna swing around nude (which is ok) then at least make sure to tan so your breasts aren't so pale compared to the rest of your body.

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