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Miley Cyrus has released her official music video for "We Can't Stop." Watch it and react now!

Rating: 2.8 / 5.0 (452 Votes)

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Yeah the tape is boring. Try to put some more fun videos and please if u r going to put such fuck off or go to hell


Please post more YMCMB music. I like it all


What happened to her? Sad really...that's all I can say.


If you r gonna waste an enormous amount of money at least make it a good video. This video is so stupid & if this is what Miley considers fun she is definitely on drugs! This lame behavior is only funny if u r completely wasted or high. This isn't fun or funny to watch, this is pathetic!


This kid is so lost and must be hurting so bad to make a fool out of herself she has all that she needs to make something great for herself but she does this sad sad ....


This is such a stupid video, you are a whore.

@ Shelby

This video is such trash! Hell, if the song was good at all, I would overlook the video! She has turned into every mothers nightmare, but has accomplished the goal of being sexual. No brains, a crappy southern drawl, well at least she can screw the heck out of somebody! I applaud her for that! Pull out a pole Miley, I bet you could rock that for a career! And for being a hater, hell to the ya!


Hatersssss! Yes it was a bit much but who cares! Why are you watching it just to talk crap? She is having fun.... She is behind the camera making music, dancing like she doesn't give a crap what you think, and you all are just jealous that you can't do what she can do. The song is awesome and this video is entertaining. It's entertainment!! Hello!! :) she finally figured out sex sells lol

@ Kay

I can get naked and do drugs too so yeah I can do what she does


mMiley Cyrus has displayed some trashy behavior in recent years. Here's proof in photos - #1 is disturbing!


Miley Cyrus has displayed some trashy behavior in recent years. Here's proof in photos - #1 is disturbing!


my bitch <3

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