Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop (Official Music Video)

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Miley Cyrus has released her official music video for "We Can't Stop." Watch it and react now!

I liked it, it was a little weird but it looked like she was having a good time and it seemed something 19 year old girl would do. People just need to lay off her.


Miley, What has happened to you??? You have a beautiful voice and have had so many young girls (and even boys) look up to you... and now this! That video was garbage. What do your parents think of you now??
I would be disgusted if my children acted like this.


ooh, my achy breaky heart.


a big f u to me.message received.


WTF IS THIS? shes on crack for real. this video is beyond retarded. this is just about her trying way way way to hard to be cool


I do not see y people think you sould be a roll model for they kid do u in nice video


Walt Disney was her start................LIKE WITH MANY OF US!!


she's gonna be in playboy soon........ she's a younger brittney spears


@Nikkie~0;-) My screen name does say it all. I know what it's like to buckle under the weight of 'peer pressure' and try to conform to what 'OTHER PEOPLE'(this means you and those like you) want you to be. So I 'encourage Miley' to do her own thing and NOT worry about what control-freaks like you want her to be...She did as she was told in the beginning,and it created a persona that Disney manufactured which everyone thought she should be. And, at the first sign of trouble(the photo incident) the masses like you---turned on her,and looked down your nose at her...Good Job! Way to show Miley peoples True nature! It was a hard-lesson,but, I doubt she'll ever forget it---Thanks to the contributions of skeevy,little whack-job's like you...So be sure and look in the mirror,and congratulate yourself and the millions of others of your ilk,because what you see now---is what you created...Ever since her CD 'Can't be Tamed',Miley discovered who her True fan's were. Those like me who stood by her when you losers were busy up on your high-horse(much like you are now)telling her how revolted by her you are,and slinging names at her like she's public enemy number #1. When in reality,Miley was just being a regular teenage-girl,who just happened be famous...Now,her attitude is: "You want to see 'Bad'? No problem! I'll give you something to really shout about! And I couldn't care less when you do!"
All you hater's and pious-pin-heads took a sweet,trusting,loveable,country-girl and---you spit on her. You tried to make her feel like something you wipe off your shoe when you step in it...So look to yourselves when you want to point finger's...After-all---You reshaped and molded the 'New Miley'. So embrace what you've created...To all you hater's and nay-sayers: "Good job,you bunch of non-thinking,slow-witted,heartless,mentally-deficient,losers!"
Haven't you ever heard the term: 'You reap what you sow.'? Well, take a long appraisal every time Miley does something like this...She's doing her own thing. I'm gonna encourage it every time. She's staying Strong now. You can't hurt her anymore...The problem is,in order to become that way,she had to lose several pieces of herself. I've been there...She may not make it back. She may not want to come back. Miley's figuring; "What's the point?! You will all just turn on me again,at the first opportunity!" And you know what?---She is Right! You Will! So clap yourselves on the back,and 'High-5',because you and those like you---made the 'New Miley'! Aren't you just so proud?!
And, don't look now,but if all the hater's, and loser's, don't stop dogging Selena and Demi on pages like this one,and '' and the rest---You are going to get a different version of the same thing you've created here...You see,there comes a point where they get worn-down,and very weary,of listening to you losers try and tell them how they have to live,when I have not one doubt, that it's standards you,yourself,are Not living---You just aren't under the lime-light microscope so everybody can see it...Then,you try to make yourselves feel better by pointing-fingers,and slinging mud at young women like Selena,Miley,Demi,etcetera,who are just working hard,and trying to figure-out life like the rest of us. Eventually they reach that point where they just don't give-a-fuck what you, or anyone else, thinks...Then you get a whole new version of them...Some people have asked me why I call Miley 'Supergirl',or Selena 'Wonder Woman'? It's simple: They have to be,in order to deal with the crap you directionless vermin toss at them constantly,along with the media,work their career's at such a young age,and still wind-up having to live life and all its wonderful obstacles,stumbling-blocks,and idiom's,like everybody else! Being a celeb' (if you're fortunate enough) only means that you are better-off financially than most. It doesn't mean your life is automatically 'perfect' and everything comes up roses...You still have to live-life. You can't escape it...
Try this on for size: It's constant bombardment from those like yourself,that drove Brittany Spears off the deep-end. Who contributed to Michael Jackson's daughter cutting on herself, and wigging-out,and most any celeb' who has done things to escape it all...Nice job. You guys are really something...I'm not sure 'what' exactly but---'something'...
I am so out of here...Later all; Hollywood---Out!

@ 2wild42long

I agree


Total hedonism, to the point of disgust. Miley, please come back. You're way off the path. This is pure, unadulterated garbage. ~0:'-/

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