Miley Cyrus Twerking on Stage

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Miley Cyrus Twerking alert! The singer does her fun dance thing here during a Juicy J concert.

She basically looks like a stripper. No wonder he wedding was called off, I bet her fiance got tired of looking bad by her childish and thoughtless actions. I mean honestly, who would do that when youre about to marry into the Hemsworth family?!!


she be a hoe tho with her ass nd her fingers in the air tryna get attention.

@ Based God

She is crazy and she is like a hor


You're going to hell Miley


Ok, if you're talking shit about miley, shut the heck up please complaining about how she's a skank for twerking on stage. She's 21, there's little girls who are like 12 and post twerk videos on YouTube or Facebook and you're not complaining about that are you? Miley might of made mistakes as a teenager but what teenage girl hasn't? Most teenagers aren't so innocent either so sit the fuck down and leave miley alone. She wasn't going to be little innocent Hannah Montana forever if you fucktards didn't already know that. So leave her alone. She could care less what you see. She's on television and she's a millionaire. Do you think a bunch of us normal people will get to her? Hell no. So quit wasting your time.

@ Claudia

you sound stupid.


That was almost an "air dump"/twerk.


That was not a bad twerk, I think she did pretty good. Although, I think she might think of being a "ratchet" as a trend, rather than a lifestyle. Plus she is sort of a high fashion girl, but she looks like she is having fun!


Yes you guys USED to watch her in Disney shows and she was cute and innocent. I'm 15 years old and I grew up watching Hannah Montana but I understand that she is getting older and growing up. She's like what 20 21 years old? She can do whatever the hell she wants. I'm pretty sure when you were that age you were doing the same or you will do the same. She's having fun and growing up, leave her alone.

@ Lydia

Umm honey im 14 and its obvious shes tryna be a wannabe slut and i bet people who likes her feel sorry so um y dont u just stfu okaay good bye bye


You all are pathetic.... leave this girl alone and let her have some fun... seriously though... stfu she's doing nothing wronh


I wonder if if she is going to turn into a mudshark like amanda bynes.


What has she became. I remember watching her on tv sweet cute and not like this at all smh

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