Miley Cyrus - "Rebel Yell" (VH1 Divas Special)

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Miley Cyrus rocks out in this video. Watch her cover a Billy Idol classic.
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She just ruined a GREAT Billy Idol song! She wants this rough, tough look and act, but she is trying to hard.

@ Shelley

that is so true i tottaly agree with you :)


Just because she isn't a good role model for your little children, does not mean she is a bad person or a loser... She is an inspiration to many women, sticking up for the rights of everyone, being who she wants to be and not falling to the levels of other people. She isn't a role model. Not every celebrity has to be. If she doesn't want to stay in that squeaky clean girl image then she doesn't have to.

@ Jourdan

she isn't a role model for anyone! being who you want 2 be doesn't mean changing your personality or changing who you were. she used to be such a nice person! and don't even bother to reply saying that she is an adult and she can do whatever she wants, because that is nonsensical! i can't believe she still has fans! clearly, you're still a fan.... and clearly, you don't know what's GOOD in a person
sorry to disappoint.

@ mary

You are so judgmental, Mary. She is an artist and has real talent. Who are you to judge?

@ Mel

i agree


This girl is such a loser . The worst role model ever. I will never let my kids watch her anymore.

@ b21

she is not a loser she is just expressing her feelings


no lie, if i was billy idol, i'd sue. this is AWFUL! her voice is NOT cut for this song whatsoever

@ person

yeah, when she sings, she screams, and when she screams, everybodies like Run like hell! i liked her before and the only thing i like about her now is her hair.


she grabed her breast

@ shana

so what, is that bad?


not going to lye but if i were a guy i would bang her

@ fiona

YOU PERVE what the hell is wrong with you?


not g

Avatar so sad to watch you go through what Britney did. You are not going to be able to reinvent yourself this way...let your hair grow back, so you look beautiful when you get married. This new short do is Britneys "call for help" style. Why? Why are you doing this to yourself? You must not like something in your life. Face grew up, and Hanna Montana is over with. You could barely sing back then, but it was decent. You butchered a great song, and I hope you find the help you need!


Miley, why did you chop off all of your hair? It was so pretty before. I wanted my hair to be like yours when I was younger and you used to be my role model. What ever is happening in your life that made you chop off your hair, pray that the solution will come. Don't be someone you're not because it's only going to make things worst for you. Apologize to Billy because you trashed his song and from my point of view, he would be upset. Be yourself because it's who you are and whats makes you unique. Stay Strong and positive. :)


Miley Cyrus... you sounds so bad and sucks, all I can hear is screaming, yelling and shouting. Not many people can do the rock and roll song, sorry to say that you surely do not have that kind of voice to sing. You should find songs that suitable for your kind of voice...any way you don have the great voice so stop shouting!!

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