Miley Cyrus Billboard Music Awards Performance 2014

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Miley Cyrus covers the Beatles in this uneven performance of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. We apologize to all fans of the iconic group.
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Taylor Bitch and Miley Vyrus both need to die now!


ROFL...look Ma, it's Big Bird on LSD!


Miley is an embarrassmentt! Make her go away!




That was not music..did you all take a good look at her toes...Damnnnnnm they look like HOBNAILS..So grossssssss


Quite good actually !!

@ zane



Maybe it's the video/costumes that's throwing people off....s-o-o turn off the video and just listen. I liked it. They didn't alter the tune at all and it was in key...maybe the fact that they didn't desecrate the tune or the meaning of the song OR maybe the Mylie haters didn't check that part out. Really no need to apologize for this....check out some of the other acts and then apologize for them.

@ barb

She is horrible. The only thing she was even half way good at was Hannah Montana. Eww, gross and barf!


I'm not worried about miley, she's nuts. What I'm worried about is, what kind of person actually is a fan of hers. This country is going the way of all those ancient civilizations that aren't around anymore.
Who in the hell was that ugly girl 'singing' with her?


They put Amanda Byne away and they let this train wreck still walk the street? Something isn't right here. This girl is losing her mind and the audiences still want her around. I don't get it. Is she trying to destroy the entire listening public? This isn't music, it's an out and out scream for help and I truly hope someone picks up on it fast or we're going to find her dead!

@ Marylee

Thank you because that SHIt beyonze sings should not even be rated as music.. time sombody wake up and stop calling everything they put out good music..thank you,,thank you..talent is so hard for you guys to find


It didn't sound any worse than most of the other performances. The whole show was a joke in my book. It sounded better than Carrie and Miranda .
Most of it was just screamers and junk. I didn't waste my time after the first few numbers. It was plain it wasn't going to get any better..

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