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Miley Cyrus broke out a cover of "Landslide" during a concert stop in Australia. Look at that outfit!

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I think she looks and sounds fine. People need to realize she is a big girl now...not 14 anymore. She will proooobably dress how she pleases.


You guys are dum fs don't u get her music she is awesome she dent bark like a dog and wat she was wearing is kind of nice she can sing better than ur nasty comments she can sing better than you people and if u cant say any thing nice don't say any thing at all her voice is a treasure map and no one can destroy that if u don't get her at all dint dam comment. Instead of blabing ur not try to understand her music there's only one person that sayed something better than u all and thats Amanda so shut ur peekoks.


For all you idiot's who left a stupid comment shes singing the song the way it should be sung its a fleetwood mac song if you cant understand that then you dont know what true music is and shouldnt comment so for lexi how about you STFU!!!! :)as for dean clark if you dont like her then dont listen to her or watch videos about her


Oh my . . . She can't sing for shit here . And wats up with her outfit ? That's not a slut at all . Miley do us a favor & stfu . Literrally(;


OMG.... hm i do lv miley bt wt is she singing its horrible......!!!! its like shez singing 4 da 1st time.....!!! o cmon i cant belive this.... not gd at all.....!!!! :-(


Dear God . . . she cannot sing -__-'


Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd she SUCKSSSSSSSSSS.....NOT ONLY LOOKS LIKE A DOG BUT BARKS LIKE ONE...

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