The hits come on coming against Miley Cyrus. This video recounts her Video Music Awards performance and the criticism that has come along with it.

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    Lmao i have done wrong things in my life but atleast i didnt do my wrong things on tv in front of billions of people. She is a Trash Whore that needs to get out of the celebrity world. trust me i an't jealous of her cause what is there to be jealous about anyways hahaaha. All i no is that she had cut the whole bakery with this matter... I am surprise she still have fans after what she pulled and i am also surprised that nobody kicked her off stage and threw rotten tomatoes at her. Judging her is the right way cause all she is is a wild animal not a young lady that has class and respect for people,fans,and other celebrity's what an Embarrassing women/animal she is to the celebrity world lol.... Miley Cyrus your nothing but trash from the side walk that needs to be put in a dirty rotten dumpster get out of the celebrity world and be a dirty prositute because thats where you BELONG!!!!!!!!


    You are really childish. Everyone acts as if Miley Cyrus is incapable of making mistakes. Attention is all on Miley because Miley used to be Hannah Montana. So, you are telling me you never did anything wrong in your life? Society is the problem. Always quick to judge!!


    What a SKANK.

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