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Miley Cyrus performs here with Borgore. And also with some nearly naked strippers! Watch now.

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This is unacceptable! Even for her. What happened to our sweet, unslutty girl Miley. The one we knew and loved. I feel bad for the younger ones who watched Hannah Montana. Miley gave so many kids dreams during her show but when it went it off air, it's like she snatched it back in a flash. I understand she wants to get out of the Disney Channel phase but 2 days later, shes dancing on poles and dancing with strippers. Posing for that magazine bra less? We see you want to show off your fake boobs but it's not that necessary now is it? Slow Down because you get less fans more and more everyday. No one gives you support and this fake "dream" you have shouldn't be possible if your going to pursue it likes this. You used to have a life, not your just a little kids Dream Snatcher. I would never ever want to talk or see you in real life. Your just a sick slut. And I mean, touching a strippers big ass but? What else did you do? Strip her down? I wouldn't be surprised. You change back to who you really are! You disgusting lifeless slut!


Really? Miley you are much better than that! This faze will end and you will look back and say... what was I thinking?


So let me get this straight ... she's a "slut" because she dances with nearly naked people???? that's major BS and that''s beside the point. the girl is 20, not a kid anymore and she can do what she wants. Now, she is also an entertainer ... and she should either do what she knows how to do or ... work and train and rehearse for what she's not good at ... obviously, she didn't rehearse her dancing ... she sucks big time and I would add that she doesn't really have the body for that kind of clothes ... or the face for that kind of haircut ... if you're gonna do something, do it right... it seems to me she is trying to fit into a character that is not her and trying to grow up too fast to get out of her hannah montana background ... not the right route, Miley! you're gonna lose your old fans and not gain any new ones!


Miley your best ur perpect gurl


Miley performed with someone in a strip club, big deal. People act like she's going to be a child forever. People are too damn naive for me. The performance above didn't looked forced, she just can't dance and tried to freestyle when she should choreograph everything. She tried though, that shit counts.


me thinks she is a lezzie too


she really thinks she's sexy? it's crude.. well she's not even good at being crude. she's forced. got no hate on miley, but please... ppl say she's adult, so she can do it all, but adulthood doesn't give you the right to be crude and act like a b*tch. -.-


Awkward, forced and unattractive. Does not deserve fame.

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