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A friend of Miley Cyrus filmed this video of the singer at her 18th birthday party. She's taking hits from herb called salvia, which is legal in California.

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salvia? gay. at least they're playin good music


I'm 30 something and we used to act just like this as teenagers (except we smoked lots of weed and did a bunch of pills and shit). I never smoked salvia until a few years ago -- thought I'd try it since I never had the chance as a kid. The only sensation I got was that when I went to bed, I felt like I had become part of the bed. Very weird and nothing like LSD or shrooms. I am now a normal guy, no drugs. All of my pothead friends are now married with children and have respectable jobs. Just because someone smoked a bong at 18 doesn't meant they wont grow up later.


hi you is the bust in the world


wat do you liek


everyone smokes weed its not a big deal. i just feel sorry for miley because it looks and sounds like they are setting her up. especially the girl with the camera. miley needs to find true honest friends that will blaze with her and keep it on the dl.


If you're gonna get effed up, at least smoke the real stuff.


Yeah someone really must teach her how to clear a bong^^ I guess a lot of people did somethig like this, it´s not a crime!! Now I like Miley more than before xD


Yeah someone really need to teach her how to clear a bong^^ i guess a lot of people did something like this, it´s not a crime xD i like miley :D ....


Someone teach her how to clear a bong, please.


Obviously that girl is NOT her friend, this was supposed to be a privite thing and her "friend" fucking Video taped it and put it online, like What the hell what kind of friend is that?

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