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A friend of Miley Cyrus filmed this video of the singer at her 18th birthday party. She's taking hits from herb called salvia, which is legal in California.

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this video is awsome


fuckin weird voice. shit


i think it would be harder to be famous during your teen years, considering nearly every teenage wants to at least ONCE get drunk and get high, its sad how diffucult it would be to have a 'normal' childhood when the years between 16-20 are when your expermenting around. I give her props for this...


Ok, you know what i see 3rd graders going around(im talking about girls) that wear Hannah montana t-shirts and bags and everytime i see it, i get pissed off, cause i know that she's a ****ing b***h!
Everybody should know about it!


alright at one time or another YOU'RE GOING TO TRY, especially in todays world. chill out. she's in the spot light, its not like she was like HEY LOOK AT ME GET HIGH! you try being in the spot light and see what they uncover about you.


Trying any kind of drug is irresponsible. And NO, not every teenager does it. It just may seem like it if you tend to hang with those people because they will know people doing it, so it will seem like everyone is doing it. Kind of like teenage sex. No, not every teenager does it. This big deal Miley ordeal is big to some people because she is a role model for kids, like my five year old sister. It's not that smoking salvia is bad, it's just one thing leads to another. Do I personally care about Miley? No. I don't care what celebrities do. I just heard of this video, wanted to watch it.


jess,s comment it,s reallistik and the most of the world have try to smok some weed cannabis if i smoke ho will have bad felling aboutet she is af teen like eveone els and i never say it okay but we have all been there so dont feel bad my engelsk is not good sorry


her laugh annoys the hell out of me


To all of you who are giving the thumbs up, you are condoning to the peer pressure BS that have made you feel put down and out of place. Your acting like a typical sheep who follows some jackass who smokes up and offers it to you...don't wanna feel left out, so why not...sheep! Unfortunately, no matter how much a parent wants to "communicate" or get "involved" with their kids, they are going to do what they are going to do. I do not support that idealism, but it's reality. I have kids and they are impressionable...Fact. Idealisms are set at every age and Miley doesn't get a free pass whether it was a cigarette or a line of cocaine. She made her money with the impression of a wholesome teenager...way to piss that away. She is on the same path as absolute train wreck. Support her all you want sheep, I'm done with her and her immature attitude. She obviously doesn't care about her image, so I guess I will not contribute to her bullshit.


this was so fucking funny i love it haters back the fuck off miley let her do her own thing everyone has smoked weed at lest one time and if u have not u need too and stop being so damn uptight u only get one life have as much fun as u can

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