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A friend of Miley Cyrus filmed this video of the singer at her 18th birthday party. She's taking hits from herb called salvia, which is legal in California.

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Fake. That is not a salvia-trip.


I've read so many comments about this video and everybody seems to be missing that she IS FAKING IT. What a loser. If you ever get to witness somebody smoke the real stuff, you're in for a far more unusual and intense event. Generally within seconds of exhailing, the smoker devolves into what appears to be a severely autistic like state. Formulating words is almost impossible, their movements are tense, jerky and protracted. You can tell the person has clearly left the building. After a minute or two they will visibily begin to return to their regular selves. That's when the laughter, ability to communicate confusion and signs of euphoria start appearing. She clearly smoked a fake or low potency batch and played into peoples expectations. Had the masses been able to witness MIley Cirus on a real salvia trip, the public outrage would truly be astonishing. Salvia is NO JOKE!


I feel so much happier now I unredtsand all this. Thanks!


now if we could just get a video of her havin sex it would be great cnt wait for that


I totally agree with the fact that she's a teenager and as every teen she tries new staff, but just because she is so famous and a looooot of young girls consider her a role model she should responsible enough to "experiment" with people she trusts or privately. you can clearly hear the girl taping asking her questions so she makes her more embarassed. I'm not really a fan of her but I really feel sorry about her being a victim of her obviously fake friends and disappointing so many young little girls.


i personally wasnt a miley fan for the simple fact that she was getting out of control. half naked pics, smoking, older boyfriends, etc. after the video cant be tamed i was like wow....shes really doing this. even cussing. but then i thought about the fact that shes my age and teenagers, even though you think your kid hasnt tryed these things, actually have. i actually grew to like her more....not less. you go miley!!! shes not doing anything illegal or out of the norm. just let her do her thing. who cares. shes doing everything right on time and experiencing everything i have or am experiencing right now. shes influencing generations yes... but not just some but all. mine, my moms, my little brothers....we all influence. maybe parents should learn how to scencer there tv and monitor wat kind of shit there kinds are getting into insted of blameing easy targets like celebritys. stupid asses HAHAHAHAHA. Go Miley,,, UR NEW FAN


not every one does this, i am very disappointed at her..yeah, it might be true that she's just growing up, but u can grow up with out this kind of pathetic habits. i wish her dad would be more responsible, and also herself. is this what she wants to portray as a model of a new generation, especially kids? before they join show business they knew that this MIGHT happen, but they never prevented it. Now, another teenager is traveling the wrong way.


She can't even clear a bong right >.>


everyone needs to leave her alone. EVERYY teenager tries it. Just because she is famous doesnt mean she can't be a normal teenager and have fun.


The only difference between Miley and a 'regular' teen doing this shizz is millions of people look up to her and this isn't something I'd want my child to think is cool because Miley's doing it.
Yea ok teenager, experiment. Just don't document the shit because it's always that one person who leaks it.

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