Miley Cyrus - "Adore You" (Music Video)

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Miley Cyrus has created controversy again with the "Adore You" music video. It features the singer masturbating.

Miley must have very little confidence in her music Since this tongue and masturbating stuff appears to be a means to take up the lack there of. I mean adoration has nothing to do with her tongue or the video. Perhaps the title should be I Lust For You. She needs to can the tongue thing. Yuk. Otherwise the song is nice.


this has to be the worst song she has ever released. And the video clip is just disturbing. She is basically masterbating for a video clip. It's almost porn. Which where i expect her to end up. Totally horrible


I think it was a beautiful song......loved it, very nice words, and I loved her voice in it. The video was ok, thought it kind of matched the tone of the song. I grew up with Madonna, so nothing surprises me anymore, but I bet Miley could sing this live and sound the same......not so for Madonna, or Britney


Question : If you had complete production power of your own video which was supposed to be sexy simulated masturbating, wouldn't you make sure you looked pretty? She looks homely and not very feminine and I agree with others - it was just boring.


Miley are you happy for making like that


Miley you are happy for making like that :(


Love the song! Nice and mellow. Good on Miley doing her thing and not giving a f$ck what anyone thinks.


Okay playboy is never going to accept you Miley, and your music is not so great. Really you should stick with acting!


I like it!


She's disgusting, but here we are watching and commenting on her video and listening to her music, boring or not, and making her more famous and more wealthy. She should maybe take some of the money and get a nose job. She should also hire a stylist and grow her hair back. What a total, skanky mess.

@ JimmyT

And again I post
Getting atenttion with wrecking ball and the vma is one thing & ok was genius get the headlines but maybe she's out of control , that's a bit to much for young fans ,the worlds bad enough ,young people don't dont need to idolise this^ ..

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