Mila Kunis Versus Russian Reporter

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Mila Kunis is totally awesome! Watch her tell of a reporter, in Russian, who asked why Justin Timberlake is appearing in movies these days.
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1:54j-journalistm-milaJ: Justin, i have two question for you, about the film and sexm: What?J: What have you found in finlimg?m: what?J: Why the cinema?m: Why???J: a lot of stars begin to film and it's not very good (not very useful for them). For What does he film? Is it not enough for him to sing?m: what else do you want him to do?J: bla bla blam: if he want and he does it, why not? WHY are you here?blablablam: it's the same!sorry for my english)))


she is the bomb!!!!!!!!! her and justin should be a item they look cute together


Reporter: why is Justin in so many movies recently? why does he do it?
Mila: what do you want him to do? if he wants to do it, and he can do,why not?
Reporter: still, why does he do it?
Mila: well why are you here?


who cares about a straight chick...and hearing Mila speak russian...totally HOT!!!!!

Jennie k diller daniels


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