Middle Finger Statue

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A Bloomfield Hills, Mich., man moved next door to his ex-wife. He then proceeded to erect this bronze middle finger statue in her honor.

This man is setting himself up for harassment charges. And he is not over her. Not by a long shot. To do something like this calls for extreme bitterness and possibly even hatred...and all towards someone he "thinks" might have had an affair with his ex-wife, while they were married...he doesn't even know for sure. But this is his retaliation regardless. I can see why she divorced him. He is an angry, bitter, vengeful man. I feel sorry for her daughter, who has to see this statue each and every time she uses her Mother's bathroom. There are children involved, who are being affected by this man's grudge. I wouldn't be surprised if police were involved soon. I can't agree with Abraham, that this is a case of having a sense of humour. It's aggressive not funny. And this man strikes me as a bit of a stalker, too, as he voluntarily sought out the house right next to hers to buy. He didn't have to move in next to her. He did it deliberately, to insert himself into her life and make her feel his presence daily. Anyone who has had the misfortune to be in a relationship with a man like this can see all the signs.


.....this man got humor, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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