Michelle Obama on iCarly Set

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Michelle Obama pays a visit to the set of iCarly. This is like kind of a huge deal.
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That Bittman guy is a typical out of touch idiot who has obulvosiy never known any actual poor people. I think I'm just tired of hearing people talk about diets and "why am I faaaaat???" It's because you bloody well eat too much and sit on your arse too much. The end. People didn't used to eat such large servings at dinner, nor did supermarkets have 5 aisles of chips, soda and cookies. It's amazing (though not really) how many times I walk past the ice cream and see a fat person reaching in for a tub. This isn't half as complicated as people seem to imagine and I think a lot of it is that you can't fight against people's rationaization hamsters, to borrow Roissy's term, that are obulvosiy in much better shape than they are.

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