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Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at House Speaker John Boehner during the Inaugural luncheon on January 21, 2013.

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If I'd been sitting next to Boner, I'd do much worse. Turns out the orange one was asking the prez if he had time to get a smoke. She wasn't throwing shade, she just didn't like her husband being encouraged to use a legal, deadly drug.


She didn't put her arm on the table until he touched her. She is clearly not impressed with him.


I watched the video and all I can say That BARELY qualifies as an eye roll. No people...a REAL eye roll by a Black woman requires a lot more neck action. The most interesting thing that happened in that video was Obama picking his nose at the end.


OH MY GOD. you are all deliriouse! she is cleary just eating, who cares if her manners arnt tip top... just becasue she is being watching by the public more than any of you! also the rolling of th eyes is in more or an agreeance manner than it is rude, its a common expression people make when they agree with somthing typical. she was simply eating and obviously innocently eating with not much to say about they conversation, they all end in a laugh including Michelle with a small smile on her face.


She is clearly not being rude, nor angry and she didnt roll her eyes in a way that meant she was annoyed. She even had a slight smile that looked agreeing to whatever his comment may have been, with them all ending in a laugh including Michelle while she was eating her meal. The rolling of the eyes is a common reaction people do when they agree with something that is typical. NOT being rude.


Totally rude! She looks sort of sullen and is totally ignoring and dismissive of Boehner and his wife. Plus she has bad table manners hunching over her plate eating too fast and elbow on the table. And the president is playing with his nose. They are not very refined people


Can you for one a second imagine Laura Bush or even Hilary Clinton behaving as disrespectful as that disgusting display? Classless and trashy.


dress her up but can't take her out.....lousy attitude. and just because she eats with her pinky up in the air means nothing....

@ meg

I'm sure you speaking of Boner and is parties efforts to take down this prez at the risk of the this country and yes the world econ... yes I'm sure that's just what you mean... having 100right wing nuts.. headed by a weak house leader... keep this country from going forward... a mere EYEROLL is the least he deserves...



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