Michael Richards Racist Rant

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The entertainment career of Michael Richards came to an end in 2008. That's when he unleashed this ridiculously racist rant at an audience member.

why are we giving micheal richards grief for sticking it to a "heckler." Heckler's at any show should stfu. the heckler's an idiot because the comedian has the stage and the ear of the audience. any word is fair-game in AMERICA. don't chastise people for using foul language. it's in their right. there are too many sayings/teachings any person has heard/learned throughout their lifetime about how to do with kind of situation; turn the other cheek, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all, sticks and stones may break my bones...
words can't physically hurt you. words can only hurt the weak-minded. the weak-minded are those without self-control who can't shut up at a comedy show (they are ruining it for me).
stand-up comedians are improv artists and their art need be respected, especially by the audience. though richards used foul language on-stage, he was "on-stage" and is granted immunity for callous remarks because it's a piece of his artistic expression. to censure any word from an artist mouth is tyrannical. people (especially AMERICANS) can't be censured and can't live in fear of the language they use.
if only the heckler would have not interrupted the show...
if only the heckler could have showed self-control (a sign of intelligence)...
if only the heckler could have not tossed slurs back at the artist...
michael richards would have his own show on comedy central to come on after dave chapell's.


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Michael Richards did a real good job of putting a dent in the egos of those stupid niggers. Good on him!

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