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No way mermaids exist... right? Watch this video, readers.

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At first it seems real but it also seems very set up. Not denying the existence of anything out there in the ocean because we have no clue what's out there just like we don't know what's in our universe as well. I do know this we are either alone in the universe or there is more than us out there and both are equally terrifying... yes I believe there are unidentified creatures in the ocean and honestly I thought this was proof but if u notice the waves an how they move they seem to come towards shore then quickly go out but u notice no other waves but just around the rock. That tells me its animated not hard to do pur technology has come along ways.


Im so surprised people are actually believing any of this. The credits for the animal planet showed even said this is based on science fiction and some scientific theory. The truth of the matter is they ahd no real evidence of this "creature". Secondly the so called scientists they had on the show were listed in the credits as ACTORS. NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY WORKED FOR NOAA. Third, computer graphics are so amazing these days look at movies like avaitar they brought to life a whole new world. who's to say they didn't use some of the same technology for these videos? Most importantly if they actually worked for NOAA and had any real evidence of this "creature" do you really think they could get away with being on national television giving out this so called top secret videos and information? No way in hell would our gov allow that. i have seen the gov shut people done for a lot less then this show. All im saying is they provided no real evidence, no actual footage and no real scientist to back any of this up. do a quick google search people, you will see that on the day there was a supposed whale beaching in Washington state, there is no record of it! AT ALL. maybe if they had some real evidence i would think twice but this whole show was so fake it wasnt even funny.


terrible acting! The whole "episode" on Animal Planet was so badly produced trying to replicate a real news type broadcast when it was obvious that it was just a special drawn up to create or increase viewership. It was like a really well done yet "bad" infomercial. Not fooled. If there had every been true mermaid evidence, don't you think that more than just the Animal Planet would have news of it?


Horrible acting and horrible graphics..not fooled.

@ sharon48962163



I do agree with penelope alzo I think the government knows a lot of stuff that we dont know and for some weird reason they dont want us to know the truth. Now I dont know if this clip is real but without a doubt mermaids do exist!!!


Okay, lets be real the government or any other country had never found the bottom of the ocean, and for one if you pause the video and zoom, seal aren't purple and do not have a long tail with a distinct shell like shape at the end with indents, they say the pressure of the water at the deepest man kind has found can crush a truck, but for non gravity like creatures; who can with stand it ; it may be possible there's another life within our own planet. Therefore, humans discovered the core of the earth but the ocean remains a mystery in 2013, but we have reached other planets?

@ Penelope

They have been to the bottom they use special submarine type vehicles with cameras. Humans can't go that far into the ocean.


If this is REAL and this type of creature DOES in fact exist, then it should be protected at all cost. More research should be done. I was fascinated with the 2 programs Animal Planet showed.


One person who commented said it was a seal and that god doesn't exist


I was studying on mermaids in GT so this video really helped PS. GT stands for gifted and talented


more Jew shit? Photos have been faked for thousands of years. God has never combined two species to come up with one.

@ Sunday

Yep it is more Jew shit

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