We wish we were making this up. But Melissa Gorga is the latest Housewife to release a single. Listen to it now.

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    melissa has done such a wonderful job with this single.....I am so proud of her. This song has much meaning, I feel for her and understand the word preasure....I love the housewives of new jersey all very much.....it is my favorite!


    Okay for a 1st but pretty BORING way to slow... I kept waiting for the song to take off..


    Really nothing special about her voice. The song is very generic and boring. Couldn't wait for it to end. The lyrics are painfully simple. And #1 sign of a BAD VOICE/NO TALENT: computerized voice enhancement.



    OMG....it sounds good. She actually has a nice voice and it would be great for her to do a balad. If she wasnt a "Housewive" and didnt know nothing about her, it would so worked out. But due to the fact she comes out on the show she probably would be compared to KIM "tardy for the Party" and Danielle Stub song. Which are laughing songs, jijiji! But gotta give it to her she is good...

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