Melanie Amaro - "Don't Fail Me Now"

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What do you think of the debut single from Melanie Amaro? It's titled "Don't Fail Me Now."
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it is so sad what they are doing to her such a pretty voice and yet they have her singing this bullshit


Robert you are crazy! Melanie s FANTASTIC and nothing less.


Guys I think Melanie was great and all but I REALLY don't think she's a genuine poresn.Explanation: Chris Rene left and she didn't bother to say bye.She claimed that she is herself with a noticeable accent. Why, then, is it with her American one? I don't mind her switching but for her to say the real her is her w/ an accent? C'mon.This is just my opinion.? I am a loyal Chris Rene fan but honestly woulnd't have minded if Josh Krajcik won. Both of them will sell A LOT more than Melanie.


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ suzi

the girl can sing they just have her singing shit now i would not buy that shit let r.kelly write her song bet she fly to the top

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Melanie Amaro is an 18-year old from Sunrise, Florida. She originally auditioned for The X Factor with Beyonce's "Listen" and then... More »
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