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Mel Gibson threatens Oksana Grigorieva in an absolutely crazy rant she caught on tape. This is one of the most disturbing things you will ever hear.

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Maybe the woman is not 100% right in the way she handled the situation. But remember that she got struck in the face with their child still in her arms. The man is clearly a psychopath. He sounded like he owns the world and everything is beneath him. And the comments made by the guys above who encouraged this kind of behavior must have some serious issues...


Mel, welcome in the club! A few good guys are paying the price for falling in love with the wrong woman, Sirens we actually should keep away from. Stay alive, brother, you are not alone! 20 years gone by already and it doesn't look any f... better.


Yes leave Mel I had a woman drive me insane like Oksana did you a clasic passive agressive and i yelled on the phone after 50 years of no problems not even a DUI i was sentenced to 5 years and deported back to Canada, i had lived in the states 46 years with 6 years in the military during vietnam none of that mattered I said way less than you Mel and i was hammered she recorded me also.


She seems calm for someone who's baby daddy is cursing them to hell, she seems like she was calm because she was taping this conversation. How is she so calm and what the hell did she do he says he left his wife for her and obviously he thought it would work for them, I wonder if all this ranting is senseless? I don't think she is entirely innocent in all of this. How convenient for her that she has all this on tape right before they to court. This is clearly preempt, this was a set up. He sounds like he would tear her head off though, all this drama for a woman.


The anger coming off this tape is WAY out of proportion!! What did she do? Kill someone he loves? This is scary and if this is Mel, he needs serious help!! I always thought he was off his rocker, but this just proves it. If he had gone to that house to see her, it would have ended bloody. Someone needs to get him into help for anger management. She sounds careful, and I don't blame her. If she had not taped this, who would have believed her? So she used cunning, who ever listens to this should be able to hear the fear and true worry over her daughter in her voice. I say stay away from the crazy freak and good luck to you Oksana, your going to need it!!!


Mel, get out of the U.S. I've listened to the tape, but the media is only playing portions. This bitch set you up from day one. She did the same thing to Timothy Dalton. She is the altimate passive-aggressive personality. You can fight for your daughter from Australia. If you don't get out of here, the media will press the prosecutors and you will be crucified. I am a woman and Oksana Grigorieva is an insult to the female race.


If that actually is Mel in that tape he is more than pissed off at her and the entire situation involving her. The anger and rage in his voice...WOW! She was clearly trying to piss him off and get it on one would stay on the phone and listen to that unless you were just trying to get it on tape to set the other person up to look like an ass...which he does.

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