Mel Gibson: Ripped!

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Mel Gibson, is that you? The 57-year-old "Expendables 3" star reveals his ripped physique. Take a look.

We have enjoyed all your movies. we hope that you will made more movies for everyone's enjoyment


Very Cool...This will only lend that much more credibility to Mel as a 'super-villian' in the Expendable's...
Come-on---let's be honest. While being built and/or ripped, looks great,and more women/girls than not,tend to like such a physique(Which is why I have one,LOL!)---Muscles also lend a menacing effect,if you're a 'bad-guy'. They just do...For example: Don't you think 'Tiny' Lister was much-more believable as 'D-Bo' in 'Friday' being all pumped-up like he is? Of Course He Was!
There are many more examples to give,but---I think I've made my point,right? While Mel would've done a great job like he was before---I think he'll be even more sinister looking and credible like he is in the photo of this post...
And how Cool is it that one of the guys I mentioned in an earlier post about Expendables #3,For Real Martial-Artist and Great Action Actor---Wesley Snipes---is joining?! YEAH,BUDDY!!
I'm telling ya'---The Expendables franchise is a Juggernaut,and---It hasn't even warmed-up yet...
I see nothing but Historically Great Action Films,from the beginning to the end(and so far,I am 2-for-2!!!)
Man! Isn't it 2014 yet?! (LOL!)
Later all; Hollywood---out.

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