Mel Gibson Rant #7

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The seventh insane Mel Gibson rant has been posted online. What a doozy too.
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He sounds just like my exhusband who I am sure was bipolar.


mel's biggest mistake was to leave these rants on a machine where they get infinite life, ostensibly and ironically like Mel and his fellow Christians will get at the Rapture or whatever. But everything he says, while rough and ruthless, is probably very true. He got entranced by a wicked woman, I feel his pain and loneliness, he is feeling betrayed by a woman he left his REAL family for. And for her to release these private messages, what a gold-digging, back-stabbing, unfaithful BITCH -- GO MEL GO, you are a real dude and dont let the holier-than-thou media's attacks on you obscure the big point: 90% of normal guys would be in your boat but nobody cares about our ex-girlfriend's saved voicemails where we said basically the same things as you! THere are evil women out there, sorry you got one of them . . .


I never really cared for Mel Gibson, and now I really cannot stand him. What a bastard! Even if she did trap him with recording him, he needed to be exposed for the filthy-mouthed, disgusting, woman-abusing POS he clearly is! Iwas married to a mean and violent drunk myself, and I know relationships don't start out like this,they escalate into this level of nastiness. alcoholics lay this crap on you when you object to their behavior. They think it's ok to abuse, debase and humiliate loved ones.


I have been spoken to in this manner by my father who had dementia -

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