Meat Loaf Butchers America the Beautiful

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Meat Loaf positively destroys America the Beautiful during this Mitt Romney campaign event. What a trainwreck.
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Wow. Obama has a list of celebrities a mile long....and Romney has these guys? If you're still an undecided voter let this sway you, bad taste in friends. lol

Kellie m
@ Drunkard

If you vote for someone because of who they are 'friends' with then you shouldn't be voting at all. Do your research and find out what they stand for and their past. Don't be an idiot and vote for someone because of which celebrities they hang out with for Pete's sake. Seriously!!


Meatloaf is a musical icon, he kicks butt for 65 years young. If you were there you would understand. he's passinate about electing the correct president, and has more heart for this country than most dem's.

Kellie m


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