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Lindsay Lohan and the cast of Mean Girls have aged somewhat differently over the years. THG examines.

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Funny how you liked the movie Mean Girls, but then continue to be the mean girl yourself. Bad karma, bad style.


I'd like to lick peanut butter from Amanda's butt crack.


I'd still let Lindsay fondle my Johnson.


Clearly this girl hasn't checked the mirror. She looks like a disgusting train-wreck without even doing the drugs


Ok. That was just plain shitty


I can't even process what I've just watched. This blonde girl kicking someone very troubled when they are down... and taking such absolute sociopathic glee in doing it. I was sad for what's become of Lindsay... but I'm horrified there are women like this "host" in the world. Blondie, you need to get off the internet and go find a soul.


who is this little cunt doing this story? Who the fuck does she think she is--lol!
Wow. Talk about a someone who has no concept of their own appearance or what a dipshit they are!!!!
Its hysterical that the culture has created people like this who try to put others down to make themselves visible --people who have actually done something noteworthy while this little fucktard is passing judgement on people who if they were more like HER would be nothings that noone has ever heard of instead of no ones that everyone will forget in ten minutes.


That was very rude. When ANYONE says rude things like that, it reflects back onto them.


It's so easy to criticize others. Calling somebody is a train wreck is neither cute nor funny. Just because somebody is in the public eye I hardly think that means that manners and the Golden Rule should be suspended when discussing their trials and tribulations. Words like you've used can really hurt an already troubled soul and push them over the edge. But as long as you get eyeballs on the web page right? Cha ching. I guess the standard opinion is that celebrities don't have feelings? I disagree and I also think that gossiping and using language that could be considered bullying towards public figures in public forums such as this sets a bad example for young minds. If this is how adults (?) treat celebrities then this type of mean-spirited speech must be acceptable in the real world toward regular people right? Yes young minds mimic what older people do. Watch the vibes you are putting out there sister or you will known as a mean girl too.

@ Guest

Yes Lindsey Lohan is spiraling out of control but we people aren't so far gone as to enjoy this women kicking her while she's down the girl needs help we all do at some point yes we all want to be rich and famous but there is a price you pay like everyone trying to use you and leach or every time you turn on the tv people are putting you down she shouldn't be the media's punching bag because she's battling her inner demons

@ Guest

Really well said. ThnaThank you.

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