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This Mary J. Blige Burger King commercial has been pulled... for music licensing reasons, the chain says. But some critics believe there was a racist element at play. What say you?

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Bob, what you said makes no sense. White people aren't caricatured as big lipped, blacked skinned, dim-witted demons munching lazily on chicken and watermelon, so who cares if you eat them? Anyway, Burger King shouldn't apologize for this commercial being racist. I don't think it is. Burger King should apologize for this commercial being awful.


Racist? Did you see the old fat white guy dancing in the foreground?


I just saw McDonalds commercial w/a young couple couple eating Chicken McNuggets and winning 2 free tickets to a basketball game ! OH THEY are BLACK !!!!! What now gonna Double sue them for the CHICKEN and SPORTS Insinuation!???? STUPID !! Burger King should NOT have apologized for ANYTHING !!!!


dont know whats so bad about the commercial. So what there is fried chicken that she sings about. I love fried chicken. And you know what, she has a beautiful voice and she deserves some respect. She makes more money while taking a crap than you do in one year.


I don't get it. What's racist about it? Shes singing about the contents inside the "chicken wrap." Folks always trying to make something out of nothing!


I agree with Bob. wtf? Get a life folks.


i am white and i like watermelon and fried chicken. wtf? get a life people


It is not racist what about popeyes chicken and the black female

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