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This Mary J. Blige Burger King commercial has been pulled... for music licensing reasons, the chain says. But some critics believe there was a racist element at play. What say you?

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People who have labeled this ad as racist have slightly overstated it. One can debate whether or not the ad plays into racial stereotypes, but I do not believe that was the intent at all. On the other hand, who is advising Mary J.? It didn't occur to anyone representing her to turn this down? Mary is way better than this. I think her image took a hit because the ad is downright silly. But all in all as an African American man I cannot say I find the ad racist. Just silly.


Don't see a problem she is sounding real soulful, it's colorful and the kids luv it .
The old Bwanna is grooving to it.
Who doesn't like tasty crispy chicken at a value price . . . sing Mary, sing it!


How is this Raciest? I'm so sick of BLACKS claiming everything is raciest! GET THE F*** OVER IT!


I'm all about hidden racism, but that ad isn't racist at all. It's kind of silly and corny but not racist. By the way...I love me some fried chicken too!


They should have gotten celine dion. j/k. it was a poorly done advert. If you notice there is a mix of races in the ad. It is nothing more than a woman singing (very poorly) about a chicken wrap. get over it.
@kim you can get benefits without being part of a tribe.


As a black woman, I don't see the commercial as racist either! What I do see is that the commercial is not very well done! When did The Burger King get a stage? I also see The Sterotype exist person, as being without a clue! You should never voice your own made up version of anyone's history! " African Slaves got food and housing",! Wow, big whoop! Did you think they'd run off of gas? As far as chicken is concerned, should I hide my love for it, and make sure I'm not spotted by whites when I'm eating it? Sorry, not a chance! Bring it on!


Racist? Seriously??? Why is this commercial considered RACIST? It is sadly unsophisticated and Mary J stooped WAAAAAAY too low sing such an inane jingle. She should be appalled and - if I were her - I would have insisted that the commercial be pulled, as well. But where is one's race relevant here?????


How embarrassing. I don't see it as racist, I see it as an aging singer trying to stay relevant by promoting chicken. Mary looks pathetic and it's almost hilarious. She's literally standing there singing about crispy chicken! I'm sorry but how is that not scraping the bottom of the pudding cup? It's just sad to see someone with so much talent resort to making a parody of herself. She looks like a fool.


I agree with Sista E comment if you look at it in "slavery times" but racism is extinct in this day and time. Its not racism thats hurting us, its ignorance, stupity and us. We went from being the slave to becoming the president and can be much more if we as a people break that "Willie Lynch process". As for that commerical it was plain awful. Mary J and BK like it enough to release it but because the so call black america didnt like it they pull it...they should have pull it cause it was straight trash. The so called black america should be fighting about the Florida issue than over this dumb ass commerical.


That commercial is offensive to blacks. Many racisms do catergorize others into groups, whether the category be true or false. And Singing about eating chicken is definitely not a characteristic that all blacks have. Hell, not all of us even eat chicken.

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