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This Mary J. Blige Burger King commercial has been pulled... for music licensing reasons, the chain says. But some critics believe there was a racist element at play. What say you?

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Really, This little commercial, hahahahahahahahahaha.
The commercial did not make me want to get it just because it was a wrap or chicken. And I do like Chicken wings


I don't think it was racist at all. As a black person, I do agree that many (not all) black people like to jump automatically to racism. I still remember in school, every time a teacher handed back a graded assignment, and someone didn't get the grade they wanted, they would cry racism even though it was clearly because they didn't do their best. Why can't people concentrate on the future instead of the past?


Someone said this might have hurt Mary's image because it was rather silly. My question remains, did she get paid? Getting paid to look silly.......hmmmmn. Let's see, a silly pay check too! A little silly won't hurt every now and then. Some time we all need to take a break from the serious side of life just for a little silliness. Even Oprah could do this and I would enjoy it. Maybe someone like Mariah or even Ms Erykah Badu or Big Boi, getting paid for being silly. Hell, I can get silly for a "Paycheck."


Everybody likes chicken, that's why that sucker runs so fast. They know that they are high on the menu!


It was just a commercial for a chicken wrap and it sounded very soulful, so, what was the problem? At least she wasn't dancing and laughing. Hell, I thought it was done very well and really rather funny. The guy asks what's in the wrap and she tells him with verse. Oh yeah, I'm very much Black everyday all day and for the rest of my life. Did she get paid? Now that's something I would and could be mad about, if she did this just for a sandwich, excuse me, my bad I mean for a chicken wrap!


the people who said this commercial is racist is idiots. and need to get a life.


Racist? Just because of a stereotype that Black people like chicken?? I REALLY want to know if Black people claimed this was racist or if some damn Honkey (i am one before you get your knickers in a knot!) with too much political correctness decided to speak for everyone else?


mary doesnt look comfy in burgerking))


Wow...look at the happy, nappy negro sing her jig for chicken...that is what that commercial says to me

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