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Justin Bieber's maybe-baby-mama Mariah Yeater speaks out about the alleged encounter that resulted in the alleged love child she alleges is his. As you can tell, we don't buy it.

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yeah 'no commet' to what the guard said because you're lying. Leave Justin alone. He doesn't need your drama about not finding a baby daddy.


Even if he did have sex with her wouldn't she be the one gettin in trouble? Because I no when people said he got selena pregnant they also said that she was gonna get arrested and when the supposive sex happened she was 19 and Justin was 16 I'm not sure but don't u think she should be gettin in trouble and if it really happened? And if it didn't then she should have thought about that plz if u can explain if that's not the case lol #nohate


Why is this old ass women messing with a little boy?
She looks like an idiot


i keep watching this video over and over its freaken funny to me look how she is the video no crying just more a frount and all set up to me i hardley dought this is at all true she is just some dume ass trying to get money i like jb but not a big big fan but i realley dought this is true it would shock the hell out of alot people thats for sure if it is.good luck to him and familey


well it's kinda funny the bitch had no comment on what he ask her in video up is possible that he was in dressing with his mom best friend and no one seen her at all back stage wtf just another freak trying to get attion and if it shows she is lieing she going to look like an ass infront of the whole he was 16 at the time if i was his mom id press charges agest the bitch for rap but whos to say whats true we will find out soon enough was 16 hi is under age so if i was his mo


I'm old. I'm no Beiber fan...can take him or leave him, but this is all such crap! She is an opportunist. She has sort of a checkered past and I think she's delusional and stupid enough to think she can pull off this scam. What part of "if the DNA doesn't match" does she not get? What part of Beiber's reps saying "We are going to sue you" does she not get? Maybe she's just thinking if she gets her face out there, no matter what she has to do, that someone will "discover" her! I'm clueless, but I think she's a liar and a con. So...Justin, prove me right for defending you!!!!! And show her for what she is...a conniving scam artist!


Maybe everyone should shut it and wait and see's what the courts say. I mean my god. Nobody know's anything.


This is so stupid,I'm a huge Justin bieber fan I've liked him for 4 years now. He WOULD never do that to a fan at a concert.. get ur facts straight, if the test shows that it isn't his baby then u COULD get in trouble and it would be considered as rap..He was 16 at the time and u were 19? Ur such A LIAR!


why is everyone making beiber look like hes so innocent ? hes not perfect who knows he didnt screw this gurl ? how do u know were u in the room when it was happening? every one though chris brown was a sweet guy and look what happened there. people arent always what they seem


this girl is a F**KING LIAR seriously?! All I have to say is that the more you talk about this lying shit a about the baby the more trouble you are gonna be in! SO STOP AND TELL THE D**N TRUTH ALREADY! Man I'm not stupid and I'm pretty sure some of the people are thinking the same thing it only took me less than 5secs to know that this Mariah girl is lying.

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