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A video showing footage of Maria Belen Shapur, mistress of S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford. She appears to be attractive at least, unlike Rielle Hunter. Sorry John.

Belen; you ought to be ashamed of yourself to have relations
with Mark Sanford. I encourage you to read Jenny Sanfords book
and you will get an inkling of what you had a hand in doing to
her and their children and as for you Mark; I will impeach you
myself from office effective immediately upon discovering your
infidelity as well utilizing state funds for your escapade. Your
life including your career is ruined. Where do you both get off
thinking that something like this holds promise. Thou shall not
commit adultery. You've been busted Mark! This is not the first nor will it be the last.


What a moron. Admitting he's been having sex with others too.
Both these women should dump this arrogant hypocrit.
Who does he think he is? His ramblings are insulting to both sexes.
He's not worth listening to. He deserves what he's going to get.

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Maria Belen Chapur (also spelled Maria Belen Shapur) is the mistress of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. She is an Argentine woman... More »
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