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This is depressing. A bunch of kids harass an elderly school bus monitor so hard that she cries. Fortunately, Internet users have pooled together money to send her on vacation.

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This video shows the ignorance of the individual's involved in emotionally and mentally abusing the elderly. The individual's involved in this act, should have charges pressed against them. This video gives other children who have self respect and know how to respect others a bad name. No one wants to be around individual's Who act like this. I hope the parents of these children do what is right and not let them get away with this. To other parent's out there, take this video and show your kids and make sure they understand this is wrong.


Those kids must be punish..! Hope those kids will also be bullied when they get older including their parents..!! Those kids parents must be ashamed of themselves...kill those kids


What does the comment (black kids does anything else need to be said) supposed to be?
I am white! And I know a lot of whites and other races that do stupid shit as well


What does the comment


Thats sad like who does that! !!!!! They need punch in the face no lie this makes me mad :/


This is insane those kids need a real parents that teach them respect stop spoil kids like those they r an embarrasing for this generation what can we spect for our future with kids like that they r the future ,that ' s really fuck up someone please teach them a good lesson


Ok first off were r all the black kids,this is the twenty first century,every school has black kids,I would have beat the asses so hard that they would have a real reason to not like black people
Black person


There s no explanation on earth that will ever excuse the parents from responsibility for their little bastards! They should allget 3 yrs community service


That is a cry out shame. These kids have no manners and obviously no home training either. I also want to comment on the the person BB #5 who said black kids, if u look closely, they were all WHITE!!!!! I wish that people like that would stop blaming everything on black people!


For the personwho said black kids. When u come up in a society where all things that go wrong blame the black folks...I expect a response like thatfrom a sibling who themselves where brought up to believe the black people our the worst... first off if u just show them their history of anglo Saxons. And blacks along with the torments of slavery... you will see that..YOU THE WHITE MAN is actually the savages.. who allows their I.inner most demonic thoughts formulates into the physical. WAKE UP... if the black and brown n red (Indians) brothas do what you anglis did.. ths world would not exist. We will continue to educate obtain the knowledge to apply constant evolution of the BLACKS..and we are the savages ..? Look at HIStory and it will confirm all that is tru...

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