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This may or may not be the Maia Campbell crack video. But boy, she sure does act like she is on something, if not crack.

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crack is not the drug she is on, she is high though...she would not even be trying to eat them chips if it were a crack high.


you people fail to understand that maia is a gift from GOD, and if you that speak bad of her, i must say that you all are the people that are sick.


Don't worry about nothing beautiful. You'll be fine.


Just watched her on Life After. She seems to be fine & taking her meds for her Bipolar disorder. Glad to see she got herself together.


It's very nice to know that Maia got help. There's many people out there that die in their addiction. As for the people exploiting Maia, I'll say black folk haven't really cared about another in so long that we just cant do better.


Maia hold your head up high ! God got your back! You are a strong black women !


Sending you lots of love and blessings, Maia. You can do it! You are an inspiration to others. You nasty men sold her out! Shame on you!


I hope the man who exploited her feels some of her pain! She has mental illness and has been through so much in her life. This is not Maia; this is Maia sick!


This is old,,,, thankfully she is sober now and living healthy...I hate that she had to go down this road...people will definitely take advantage.but she is better and taking care of 12 yr old daughter... Thank goodness... Addiction is real... It's not funny....


What a gem of a boyfriend she has. He is a total butt hole. I guess he finds good to drag this suffering black woman down. We should pray that she finds her way off of the streets. This is very sad to watch. Why would someone film this. Just hope the man behind the camera knows that what you put out in the universe, you get back.

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