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A terrific montage of some of the most unintentionally hilarious scenes from Lindsay Lohan's Liz & Dick.

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I actually watch the whole movie n honestly Lindsay not as bad as they made out to n from the clip alone u can see that the over cheesiness of the script.minnie mouse seriously?!! I agreed with someone says that they want her fail which is sad. Hollywood very cruel world though, they suck u till u dried then collect publicity from ur films n songs after u death.


If these scenes are representative of the movie, I'm certainly glad I didn't waste my time watching it.
I don't know who thought Lohan would be right for this part, but they were dead wrong.


I don't think she was the best choice for this role, and I feel awful for the way her personal life is imploding publicly. I wish her the best in life.


I'd heard she was terrible, That is some seriously baaaaaad acting. That's what happens when you cast someone who is still psychologically a child to to play a grown woman.


Lindsay was not right for this part, I think that hollywood set her up to fail. She was playing a women that was in her early to late 30"s to her 40"s. Lindsay is only in her mid 20"s. Hollywood new that she would fail. I like Lindsay, but only in a part that fits into her age group, then she pretty good at acting.


i did see it it was great critics should be shot so times i've seen movies that they shot down for no reason they don't know a good movie if it shot them i hate critics they should go and hide in a hole lick a mole


Omg. I really want to see this movie. Lol

@ Aaron Saltzer

Me too :D I think LiLo was good.

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