Living Doll Venus Palermo

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Living Doll Venus Palermo is attracting lots of fans - and criticism - thanks to videos like this one.
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Funny thing is her mother is the one making videos and promoting her


saya ingin sekali melihat fideo venus palermo


I just watched this video, that is a bit disturbing. She is 15 yrs old for crying out loud, I would never let my daughter do that to herself. Her mother should step in and delete her accounts, take away the "doll" makeup and raise the little girl god gave her. Im not dissing on the child, but for god's sake isnt there enough children missing without provoking it?

@ Luci

15 years old is not that young luci, thats a sophmore in high school, duh she is going to wanna put make-up on and making herself look unique and different, she will grow out of it within the next year or 2. its not like she 12 and doing this. shes going to do it if her mom says so or not. 2 in years she will grad high school and at 16 she will have a job, so how could the mother tell her no dont express your self when she is 15. im sorry but 15 is NOT THAT YOUNG at least she is doing this instead of going out and getting pregnant

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